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Ruckus Projects is a community of future-makers coming together to launch projects that matter. Induction into the community is completed through a 3 month project accelerator designed to help you take your idea from dream to reality.

Projects are defined as anything that solves a problem or creates beauty in Los Angeles - it could be starting a business, non-profit, community group, pop-up event, or anything else you can dream up to make an impact. 

Throughout the 3 month process, you will receive individualized coaching from facilitators that will guide and connect you to the experiences, resources, mentors, and expertise that you'll need to make your idea a reality. This may include connecting you to developers, designers, growth-hackers, business development/finance specialists, GIS experts, experience designers, social impact consultants, accountants, lawyers, and more.  

Along the way you will pitch your idea in front of other LA change-makers to receive feedback, create and release a project preview video, and ultimately ship a minimum viable product/service/experience to your target audience.

You should expect to commit 3-4 hours per week to meetings, workshops, and working groups with fellow members. You should also be ready to commit another 5-10 hours per week at minimum to your project. Ruckus Projects is designed for after-hours difference makers so all meetings will be scheduled on nights and weekends.

The program will include a community membership at the Impact HUB LA along with connections to both the local and global HUB community (learn more at

Interested in joining? Submit an early interest application below for our August 2016 cohort. 

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